Become Part of Something Greater

We are Firley Impact (Nonprofit), a group of people across the globe who care about what we do.

We started this group because many locations around the world lack people taking action and educating their communities about the environment and how it affects them, so we decided to step in and make a collective effort to do just that. 

Our Impact

We created Firley Impact to provide the opportunity for the community to harmonize and get involved with environmental stewardship. It allows for people to do work that matters and has a real Impact

We have done work across three continents to help communities in need of assistance and cleanup. From trash pickup to tree planting to partnering with local hospitals, we are glad to step in and help whenever and wherever we can.

Join a Project

Our Plans for the Future 

We are looking for more members to get involved in our previous missions, such as planting trees, picking up litter, and advocating/educating about environmental issues in your local communities. 

For those looking to do things a bit differently, get involved in more unique projects, and advance their skills for future career prospects, we encourage you to reach out and mention your talents/areas of interest so we can direct you to a project that will match you. 

Future Projects

We have numerous upcoming projects involving software, AI, media and content creation, in-person action, and more. We encourage you to reach out with questions, suggestions, comments, or anything else.


Join Us on our Journey to a Sustainable World

We aim to have a positive group where we can all be open and dedicated to working on projects. 

On the Blog

Read about interesting environmental topics in digestible 2 minute reads. Visit our blog today!

Why Volunteer

Volunteering can provide many benefits to you. Besides feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, it provides the opportunity to create friendships and make lifelong connections with like minded people. It gives you an outlet to give back to your community. 

What We Do

At this nonprofit, we want to improve the state of our environment and increase biodiversity by planting trees, educating the public about environmental issues, and expanding our efforts to clean the environment.  

Your Goal

As a volunteer, your goal is to achieve the five-hour goal to achieve the certificate of achievement. There are a variety of efforts to achieve this goal which are listed below. If you have other ideas, please contact us and we will let you know whether it is an option and how many hours you will receive. 

Regardless of whether you can contribute or not, we would love to have you on our mailing list for environmental education and updates about the organization. We promise we won't spam!



Hours Worked